#ClearTheList May Language Learning Challenge| Putting the Basics to Use

Since we last talked, my skills in French (at least from my highly biased and myopic point of view) have increased tenfold. As a less biased assessment, I would say that my skills in the other five languages (Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and Esperanto) have plateaued only due to my deep immersion in the French language.


Clear the List March | The ONE Thing

Any language learner knows that the key to successful language acquisition comes down to one thing: knowing what you want to achieve and doing what needs to be done to achieve it. Any aspiring polyglot also knows how hard it can be to do just that.

The Down to Earth Truth About Learning Portuguese in 30 Days

Can you really learn a language in 30 days? The real question should be how much of a language can you learn in 30 days.

If You Want to Learn Italian in 30 Days, Never Do What I Did

This post could have been titled "This Is How You Will Fail to Learn Italian."

How Much German Can You Really Learn in 30 Days?

How much German can you learn in 30 days? How much German can you learn in 30 days while learning 5 other languages? Results may vary.

February Clear the List | Language Goals

This month I'm taking part in Clear the List, a language learning commnity challenge hosted and started by Lindasy from Lindsay Does Languages and Shanon of Eurolinguiste. 

6 Languages. 1 Year. Challenge Accepted.

Spanish. Portuguese. German. French. Esperanto. Italian.

To-Do List

A completely acceptable language learning to-do list